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+ Freely choose the doctor and health professionals in general.

+ Receive timely and understandable information on your health status.

+ Receive a dignified treatment, respecting your privacy.

+ To be called by name and treated with kindness.

+ Receive quality and safe health care according to established protocols.

+ Be informed of the costs of your health care.

+ To the confidentiality of your treatment.

+ Consult or complain about the health care received.

+ Receive or refuse spiritual or moral support whatever the religious cult that      professes.


+ Take comprehensive care of  your health and follow the recommendations of your treating physician.

+ provide accurate information about your identity and address.

+ know and comply with the internal regulations and safeguard your medical information.

+ Take care of the facilities and equipment of the institution.

+ Find out about opening hours and payment methods.

+ Treat health personnel with respect.

+ Find out about the complaint procedures.

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