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IPS JAH RAFA SAS is pleased to warmly welcome you to our institution. It fills us with joy to know that your skills will be part of our success, as well as our institution part of your progress. Next, we want to share a little about us with you, and we are sure that we will have the opportunity to get to know a lot about you in the different accompaniments that our institution will offer you.

The IPS JAH RAFA SAS is an institution that provides outpatient and home health services and assistance transport that is enabled in the city of Bogotá for outpatient and home services and in municipalities of Cundinamarca for the provision of home services.

The IPS JAH RAFA SAS has been authorized since March 6, 2008 where the services of: Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Alternative Medicine - Alternative Therapy in the field of their profession, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy were registered. Given the diverse offer of services, the IPS, over time has carried out the progressive opening of services.

For the IPS JAH RAFA, the reason for being is the users and their families, with whom we are fully committed in the provision of services; For which it is intended to design processes to guarantee the recovery of health and quality of life through safe, timely actions and services, trying to minimize risks and providing clear and truthful information, offering the appropriate technology for the benefit of itself and its community. , in harmony with the general system of social security in health.

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